Please use both longitudinal codebook and Qualtrics cross-sectional codebooks for your analysis.

Longitudinal codebook: Codebooklongitudinal_v11_09082022.xlsx

All variables were listed in the longitudinal codebook. The primary goal of this file is for analysts to find the variables they are interested in exploring. By searching the exact variable name, and/or key words of the original questionnaire question, analysts can find the longitudinal occurrence of corresponding variables.

For example, if the interest is to find the self-reported viral test results, you can search by “labdiag” (variable name), or “viral” (key word) or “Since you completed your last survey, were any of your viral (PCR or rapid) test(s) positive/reactive?” (questionnaire question). You could also know how many time points this question has been asked.

Qualtrics cross-sectional codebooks

Each round of data collection was completed through Qualtrics platform. The cross sectional Qualtrics codebook provides you with information: skipping conditions for each question and the levels of categorical variables. The skipping conditions were implemented using embedded variables created by the research team prior to that round of data collection and/or the questions asked in the same survey.

Download the codebook here: